Adding Smartlist Builder Smartlists that use SQL Views or Tables to GP

Here are the steps to build and add Smartlist Builder Smartlists that use SQL Views or Tables to Dynamics GP:
1. Create the SQL View (or Table).
2. Give the SQL Group called DYNGRP “Select” access to the SQL View.
3. Open the Smartlist Builder menu and give access to the new SQL View.  (GP > Tools > Smartlist Builder > Security > SQL Table Security).  Select the Database and SQL view (or table).  Checkmark means it is accessible with Smartlist Builder. Click OK.
4. Open Smartlist Builder create the new Smartlist.
     a. Add the SQL View to the new Smartlist.
     b.  Select Display and Default columns Save the new Smartlist. 
     c. Add any Calculated Columns.
     d. Add any Restrictions that are needed. 
     e. Change any Column Display Names.
     f. Add any Go To screens.
     g. Add any Options.
     h. Save the Smartlist.
5. Open Smartlist and choose to include changes to Smartlist.
6. Close Smartlist
7. Allow access to the new Smartlist with GP Security.  Typically the new Smartlist is added to an Inquiry Security Task in the functional area of the new Smartlist.  For example, a new Project Accounting Smartlist would be added to the INQ_PA_001* GP Security Task.  TK KB937759
     a. Look under Product = Smartlist
     b. Type = Smartlist Object
     c. Series = Smartlist Objects
     d. Find the newly added Smartlist and place a checkmark on it.
     e. Save the Security change.
8. You must add SQL Tables to GP Security before Smartlist Builder users can access them.  See Customersource & Partnersource
     a. Create GP Security Task called “INQ_SQL_TABLE_VIEW” that allows access to new Smartlists built with SQL Tables and Views. (See TK KB967731)  (GP > Tools > Setup > System > Security Tasks)
     b. Assign this GP Security Task to the “DEFAULT INQUIRY” GP Security Role.  (GP > Setup > System > Security Roles)
     c. Assign this GP Security Role to all users who will need access to Smartlists built with SQL Views or Tables. (GP > Setup > System > User Security)
9. The new Smartlist should now be accessible.  Favorites can now be created for this Smartlist.

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