Customizable GP Solutions with Anchor

Take your business to the next level by customizing a business management system that goes outside the box, the open architecture of Dynamics GP offers ample support for custom application development.  Tools that can be used for Dynamics GP integrations allow you to carry out a variety of projects such as exchanging data with external databases, modifying the appearance of Dynamics GP windows or creating new ones, using specific .NET controls for a new window, integrating with Microsoft Dynamics GP navigation and lists, and synchronizing Microsoft Dynamics GP data with an external system.

Multiple tools are available to create application integrations for Dynamics GP. Anchor offers consulting support for these tools including Modifier with VBA and Visual Studio Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Anchor’s expert solution designers and software developers can help your business build enhancements to Dynamics GP that address the unique needs of your business while retaining the advantages of Windows integration and connectivity.

Modifier with VBA
The Modifier with VBA makes it easy and safe to modify the Dynamics GP interface through customizations such as rearranging windows elements, hiding fields, or changing graphic images and message verbiage. VBA in Microsoft Dynamics GP allows us to create new windows, add business validations and logic to windows and reports, and create VBA forms that add new capabilities to Dynamics GP.

    • Eliminate repetitive manual entry of fields by using field defaults based on user and/or company currently logged in, either when the screen is loaded or after user makes on screen selections.
    • Hide GP fields that are not used or relevant to your company.
    • Add new GP fields
    • Display calculated fields (Due Date)
    • Display/edit fields from another system (Serial #’s, WO’s, etc)
    • Change Verbiage of screen title or field names
    • Linking lookups to fields
    • Granting security to modified windows

Visual Studio Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP
Visual Studio Tools for Dynamics GP offers software developers the managed code environment of Visual Studio and all the features of the .NET Framework to create integrations for Dynamics GP. Developers can create native .NET forms that have the look of standard Dynamic GP windows and can incorporate any available .NET control. Developers have access via .NET code to windows, fields, tables and other Dynamic GP application resources, including fields created by Modifier. Developers can also register for events occurring in windows, fields, and other resources so .NET code can be triggered by user actions.

Contact Travis Woolsey ( for more information about customizing GP for your business.

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