Modifying Word Template Formatting

Here are some instructions so that you can make basic formatting changes to Dynamics GP Word Templates. These are fairly simple to make and can be done as long as you have the standard version of Microsoft Word installed on your computer.

Note: Adding fields is not covered in this post as it requires the Dynamics GP Word Add-In to be installed on your computer and has a larger number of steps. This may be covered in a future blog post.

To modify formatting:

  • Go to Reports>Template Maintenance
  • Select your template from the dropdown menu. For example, this would be the “SOP Blank Invoice” or the “SOP Blank History Invoice.”
  • Select from the list the template currently assigned as the company’s default. For example, this will be “Spruce Invoice.”
  • Click Modify. It will open up the word template.
  • “Save As” the template on the desktop or some other location you will be able to find it. I recommend saving it with a name like “SOP Blank Invoice Template – original” so that any changes you make can be saved in a new file but you will still have your original unchanged if something goes wrong. (Better safe than sorry)
  • Make your changes to the template just as you would in a normal word document (font, etc). Save this as a separate version as well (I’d recommend a name like “SOP Blank Invoice V1”… then V2, V3 and so forth as you make new versions).
  • Now go back to your Template Maintenance Screen and click the green plus sign to add your template back in. The key is renaming a copy of your modified file to the same name as the one already in GP, so when you import it will be ask you if you want to replace the file currently in there. Click Yes when this pops up.
  • You are done. Test your new version by printing an invoice.

I know it looks like a lot of steps but it will pay off if you learn this for when you need to make small changes. As long as you save lots of versions along the way, there is little risk of messing anything up. Can’t emphasize this enough.

If you have any issues, I always willing to step in and help!

Post by Mari Pohlman (reach me at

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