Pinning SharePoint Documents to your Desktop

I’ve been using certain documents in Sharepoint pretty regularly, but it is a huge hassle to have to go to the Sharepoint Site every time I want to access. I figured out that I can pin those documents to my start menu. Then, when I edit them from my desktop in excel, those changes are uploaded back up to the SharePoint site. I’ve tested a few times and the changes seem to sync up perfectly without ever having to physically go to the site and log in.

If you want to try this, you have to first go to SharePoint and open the document. Once in it, click on Edit in Excel. It will open in excel on your desktop. Then click on Save and close out of it, making sure that the location that it is saving in your Sharepoint Shared Documents folder. But here is the important part – If you go to your start menu and click on excel, then click the little arrow next to the excel icon, it gives you the option to “Pin to Start Menu.” If you select this, the document will always be available for you to open and edit without actually going to the site.

It’s a simple thing, but it’s been saving me lots of time.


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