Troubleshooting GP permission errors

GP Permission ErrorSecurity errors are sometimes hard for me to pinpoint, but I just found a pretty amazing tool that helps to troubleshoot permission errors and wanted to share. In my example, the user was able to open the Fixed Assets GL Posting window, but when they clicked on one of the period lookup buttons, they got the error “You do not have permission to open this window.” Everything looked correct in the security roles and I couldn’t figure out what was causing the error.

I found this article by Mahmoud M. AlSaadi that shows you how to use the DEXSQL log to see what security record is being called. You can then plug this info into a script and it tells you exactly what the user is missing. You can then add the record to the security task and you are good to go. I think this is pretty useful will save time in the future. Hoping it helps someone else!

As always, feel free to contact me at for assistance with this type of error in GP.


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